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Mac Vs. PC: Which Is A Better Option For Business

by Bob
Mac Vs. PC Which Is A Better Option For Business

Nowadays, business computer systems have become more and more essential due to the rise of work from home chances. Several people have started a quest to find a laptop that can fit their work requirements. For a long time, some businessmen have been using Macs for business, while others operate PCs. Even today, many people are thinking about whether to select a Mac or a PC for their business tasks.

Are you also stuck in the same problem and unable to decide which one to choose for your work? In that case, we are here to help you out with our guide. In the below sections, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Mac and PC, their usage stats, Macs for business, PC for business, and many other things.

The Importance Of Computer System For Business

Computer systems are relatively significant for businesses of all sectors. With the present technological advancements, even small-scale industries and startups have started using computer systems to handle their business work as well. Starting from website development to updating the products and services, almost everything requires the help of computer systems.

At present, plenty of business procedures encompass the use of computers. Besides that, it is possible to manage several matters related to your company from anywhere at any time via computers. Below are some of the primary aspects of the usage of computers in different businesses, which shows their importance as well.

1. Computers Are Necessary For Website And Product Development
Laptops are essential to create and develop websites for any business niche. Besides that, modern developers tend to use laptops to build the design of new products and services.

2. Computers Are Essential For Communication
Regardless of whether the company is large or small, several firms are using laptops to deal with internal and external communications through messenger systems, email, word processing, and other communication platforms.

3. Computers Are Vital For Research Activities
Companies can utilize computers to explore business trends, documents, trademarks, and many more. In addition to that, businesses can find target customers, potential competitors through search engines and valid databases.

4. Computers Are Crucial For Media Production
In order to create various kinds of media, for example, videos, graphic images, and audio outputs, companies are using computers.

5. Computers Are Fundamental For Tracking And Storing Data
Previously, data used to be present on papers and documents. However, with the current technology, it is easy to store and track data from your computer. In addition to that, computers offer additional data security options as well.

6. Computers Are Used For Human Resources
With the assistance of computer systems, it is easy to manage internal HR procedures and payroll systems as well. Hence, managing human resources is simple through software and online services.

Mac Users Vs. PC Users In The Business Sector

According to reports of the Parallels survey, a total of 55% of companies are either using or have permits to utilize Macs in their business. In addition to that, other reports state that around 50,983 corporations have been using Mac OS. The same study also reveals that several firms in the United States have been using MacBooks, particularly in the computer software industry.

Another study has stated that firms with 10 to 50 staff and revenue between 1 Million to 10 Million dollars use Mac OS. Taking into account the Macbook customers by business sector, the industries that are primarily using MacBooks are computer software (19%), information technology and services (7%), education management (7%), and many others.

According to the initial outcomes of Gartner, Inc data, the total PC shipments across the world have reached 79.4 million units only in the last quarter of 2020. The fourth quarter of 2020 saw a growth of 10.7% than the Worldwide PC shipments in the last quarter of 2019. The overall PC shipments in 2020 are about 275 million units which is a 4.8% improvement from 2019.

In addition to that, PCs are the typical business standard for employees working in different niches. A LinkedIn poll from August 2020 reveals that 70% of business employees and other staff use Windows (PCs). The remaining 30% of workers utilize Macs to complete their work.

What Are Pros And Cons Of Mac?

MacBooks have plenty of advantages and some disadvantages as well. Here we will see the detailed list of the pros and cons of using a Mac.

Pros of Macs

1. Low Maintenance
If you are a startup company and do not maintain a sufficient budget for tech support, Mac is a better option. Besides that, you do not need to be worried about the fundamental maintenance of the computer because Macs are well known for their low-maintenance features.

2. Elegant Design
Even if you compare top-notch laptops with MacBooks, you can see the difference in the external design. Apple laptops and desktops have an elegant design, which can not be surpassed by any high-end PCs. In addition to that, Macs function like a luxury device. Apple is famous for creating Macs with responsive keyboards, bright and realistic displays, sensitive trackpads, and many more. Several people often tend to purchase Macs due to the sheer quality of aluminum.

3. High Status
MacBooks are high-end models, which is why some businessmen give more priority to the device status and its reputation among other people. Besides that, plenty of employees use Mac because of their prestige in the market.

4. Industry Criterion For Design
Another benefit of MacBook is that if you hire plenty of designers or efficient professionals, MacBooks are a better choice to persuade your staff. Besides that, the digital graphic design has got a new Mac, and it still features a tight hold on the artistic community. Due to that, several designers in their earlier stages got to know about how to design on MacBooks and continue being loyal to them.

Cons of Macs

1. Expensive
Undoubtedly, one of the biggest drawbacks of Macs is their price. Not just MacBooks but also all Apple devices are generally expensive. Macs have a costly price because of the elegant design, high status, and reputation among people. As MacBooks are not accessible at a reasonable price, they are not good choices for people who are looking for an affordable deal.

2. Limited Choices
Unlike PCs, Apple is the sole producer of MacBooks. Due to that, while shopping to get a Mac, you will have only limited configuration and design choices. In addition to that, if a power cable cracks, you might need to use extra dollars to get the Apple replacement or use other third-party cord services.

3. Lack of Touch Screens
Another shortcoming of MacBooks is that they are not available with 360-degree hinges, stylus abilities, touchscreens, and many more. Not even a single model of Mac has these features. Hence, if you are looking for a touchscreen laptop, you can either buy a PC or choose the best models from iPads.

4. Microsoft Office
Previously, it was true that Microsoft Office works properly on a PC, but now it can function on Mac as well because of the high-end technology. If you are familiar with Microsoft Office on the PC, you are likely to need some time to familiarize yourself with the Mac version of Microsoft Office, particularly Outlook.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of PC?

The PCs are available in different models, and they do have both advantages and disadvantages. Keep reading to find out the best pros and potential cons of having a PC.

Pros Of PC

1. Available At Different Prices
One of the biggest advantages of choosing PCs for your business is that they are available in various models at different prices. It is possible for you to buy a new and basic PC for only $300. However, the average expense of a PC might be around $400 to $500. In contrast to that, the typical estimated price for a single Mac unit is nearly $1,500.

2. Extra Customizable
PCs are known for being highly customizable. Several popular PC manufacturers, for example, Lenovo, Dell, HP, and others, give various upgrade choices. These upgrades include extra ports, GPUs, CPUs, and a huge number of accessories. If you are looking for equipment for a large group of people who have different requirements, PCs are the best.

3. Accessible In Various Designs
As there are different manufacturers who make PCs, they are available in a wide range of design choices. Due to that, it will be easy for you to choose portable ultrabooks, workstation-style PC, hybrids, and many others.

4. Common Business Standard
For a long time, PCs have been in the market, which is why various people are familiar with Windows rather than the new iOS systems. In addition to that, several businesses have also used PCs, and some employees might be more comfortable operating a PC laptop for their business work.

Cons Of PCs

1. Differences In Quality
As there are plenty of PC manufacturers, the quality differs greatly from one model to another one. However, by utilizing purchasing guides on reliable sites and studying the product specs, you can be sure to acquire a better quality PC. But remember that if the cost is relatively low, you might get a cheap and poor-quality model.

2. Some OS Updates Are Horrible
MacBooks get frequent OS updates, for example, putting in extra features and adding capability. However, many Windows OS updates need slight improvements, but some of the Windows updates are different and horrible, such as Windows 8, Vista, and many more.

3. Less Stylish
Though many PCs often come with a better-looking model, there are several manufacturers which give little to no attention to the aesthetics of the PC laptops. However, you can discover better-looking PCs that have high-quality mechanisms, but still, PCs do not have as stylish designs as Macs.

4. Security Software
If you plan to buy a PC, you need to acquire a type of antivirus security software. For that, you have to spend extra dollars other than the PC costs.

Mac Or PC For Business Use: Not A Win, Only Worth

Like we said earlier, when we talk about business computer systems, there are a lot of options, but Mac and PC are more popular and dominant than others. Both MacBooks and PCs are suitable for business. However, people will choose either Mac or PC, whichever matches their retirements.

To be more precise, MacBooks and PCs both have a lot of worth, but for different types of aspects, making it quite impossible to choose the winner among them. As the PCs are universal and can be found everywhere, it will be easy for the employees to operate because some of them are already knowledgeable and comfortable with utilizing a PC laptop at the office.

Final Word

After going through the stats and real-time experience of using both PC and Mac, we can say that both of them are relatively incredible. It is tough to decide the winner because Macs and PCs excel in specific categories.

Hence, you can determine which laptop is ideal for your business based on its requirements. For example, if you are looking for an easier to upgrade and highly compatible laptop at an affordable price, it is best for you to choose PCs. Macs are suitable for you if you prioritize elegant looks, high-end devices which can give an excellent performance

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