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Google mission Statement 2021: A Full Analysis Of Its mission

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Are you looking for Google Mission Statement Analysis? Check out our detailed analysis of the topic!

Google is an all-pervasive company. It is also one of the leading companies in the world. The history of this company remarks classic entrepreneurialism, hard work, and little luck. The company has had a humble beginning. Also, with the help of its strategies, the company has blossomed into one of the leading companies, which is into providing hardware and software solutions, cloud computing, advertising, etc. 


Google’s mission statement is:


Our company mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. That’s why Search makes it easy to discover a broad range of information from a wide variety of sources.”

Google is popularly known as the Internet search engine, and it provides a massive suite of internet services and products. With a market share of around 75%, the company dominates the game of internet search held around the world. Larry Page and Sergey Brin are the founders of Google, and both of them met each other at Stanford University.  


Google Mission Statement


  • The corporate mission of Google is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” 
  • Ever since its inception, the company is focused and striving hard to develop its proprietary algorithms to organize the available online information. The corporate mission contains primary elements: organization, world information, usefulness, and universal accessibility. 


Google Logo In Phone



The vision statement of this company is parallel to its mission statement. It is perhaps one of the leading companies that have successfully organized the information available around the world. It follows a strategic approach to provide information to its users and has been doing so for over two decades now. The mission statement of this company emphasizes the influential role that it plays. 


Why Does Google Have Such A Mission Statement? 


Google LLC. has successfully distinguished itself as a company and has earned an absolute dominance of operating in the field of internet-related services and other similar products. The reason for having an exceptional mission statement is that the company wants to stay on top in offering internet search engine services. 

Google Company



Ever since it started its operations, the company has managed to stay on top and lead other players in the industry, commanding larger user audiences in the contemporary era. 


Fortunately, because of the strength of its mission statement, the company has occupied a great position as a unique brand operating in the market. The mission statement of this company outlines the strategies that the company has in place to grow further. 


Why Is Google’s Mission Statement Impactful?


At its core, Google is a data-centric company. The company started its operations by developing its search engine, which eventually became a prevalent medium for searching valuable information. The mission of this company is to organize all available information and make it accessible to the users. The information available on the internet is constantly expanding and being poured into the search engines every minute. If the available information is not organized the way it is now, it will become challenging for the users to search for what is required. 


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Hence, Google is trying hard every day to make the information easily accessible to people located across the globe. When we take a closer look at the company’s operations, we will know that it has introduced several devices to make the required information easily accessible. The company has also diversified itself into different sectors, which has helped it offer more and more information to the users innovatively and seamlessly. 


Get Inspired Through Google mission Statement


It is worth noting that the company’s mission statement is not at all focused on generating revenue. Instead, it focuses on providing information efficiently to the visitors. As we have already mentioned, Google is a data-centric company, which means that it has access to an enormous data library. The company uses the available information to sell advertisements, which is ultimately the primary source of income for them. 


Google Logo Beside Building



When it makes information available to the users, Google uses its platform to sell advertisements and make money. The more people use its free services, the more the company can show advertisements to make money. Other businesses can take inspiration from the company because the company’s primary focus is on organizing information for the users. 


As far as its mission is concerned, the company strived to bring new services for its users, and each of the platforms can further be used by the company as a potential surface to show ads. 


Other Core Google mission Strategies


The core value of Google is to focus on the users, and everything else will follow. It believes that fast is better than slow, and Democracy on the web works best. At the same time, it assumes that without doing evil, the companies can still earn money. There is always more and more information available, and great things are not good enough. The value of the company is never-ending, and its values drive the company forward towards success. 


Google Search Bar



The values also come in handy in establishing a culture for the company, which makes it a go-for company in the software, technology, and cloud computing sector. Within all the different values of the company, the emphasis is laid on the significance of the users. 


Most importantly, Google has an attitude that there is always room for growth in the operations of a business, and this has always helped the company move in an upward trend.




 The corporate mission and vision statement laid down by the company are effectively followed. The company is well-known in the sector it operates and has some effective products, which includes search, that helps in satisfying the specifics of the mission of their business. Innovative strategies introduced by the company contribute to the company’s capacity so that its leadership is maintained. 


Google is free and available for the masses every day. The information available at Google is relevant, and hence the users come in again and again to find answers to their queries. The powerful vision and mission statements of the company keep it moving forward towards success each day. 


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