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4 Reasons Why You Should Never Settle For Less

by Bob
Reasons Why You Should Never Settle For Less

“We often settle for what’s available and what’s available isn’t always great. You are destined to achieve greatness!”― Farshad Asl

Look around and observe the situation you are in, is it anywhere close to the dreams you once had for yourself?

If yes, then congratulations! But if it is not, then it appears that at some point along your journey, you may have lost sight of your goals and settled for less.

This is not exactly a bad thing but to be honest, you may be missing out a little. Nevertheless, here are 4 reasons why you should never settle for less that you may find worth considering.

1. You are not living to your best potential

Settling has a funny way of making you feel like this is just what you deserve.


You deserve more than what you have settled for. Remember when you were reaching out for mountains?


Well now you are at the base of the mountain or maybe halfway through the climb. Keep climbing, don’t stop here.

While settling for less may be comfortable and less pressing, you will not know your best potential until you test yourself further.

2. You may become resentful

There could have been various factors why you chose to settle for less. The factors could include your family, your partner, your boss, your friend, your job.

When you are forced to settle for less, you become resentful towards the causing factor. Some may even become resentful watching other people achieve the things they dreamt of.

Resentment is never a good thing because resentment equals to distress which then leads to several other repercussions such as health issues, mental stress, and unhealthy relations among many others.


3. Regret

The feeling of regret is perhaps one of the worse feeling in the world. The pain of letting your dreams slip away right before you will never cease.

Settling for less means you will always regret not aiming higher. You will always remember the things you wanted but regret the fact that you never chose to pursue on it.

You do not want to lead a life filled with regret do you?

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4. Unfulfilled living

The sense of fulfillment is attained when you have accomplished something you set out to achieve, or when you attain higher than what you aimed.

Settling for less is neither.

Therefore, you can expect to lead a slightly unfulfilled life. You will not feel wholesome because there will be a nagging feeling constantly reminding you of your loss.

The bad news is you cannot rewind time. However, the good news is it is never too late.

A dream is a wish your heart makes, but it is your choice to realize that dream. Please note that settling for less is not to be confused with being ungrateful or greed for more.

It is simply to realize what you set to achieve for yourself based on your perception of your potential.

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Like Craig D. Lounsbrough once said,


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4 Reasons Why You Should Never Settle For Less

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