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Signs Your Boss Wants to Sleep With You

by Bob
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Romance in the workplace is not highly encouraged. If your boss shows signs of intimacy, here are some things you can look into to confirm it. 


Almost everyone has bad experiences with their bosses. Some of these interactions were unpleasant, while others were great. However, some situations are beyond the limitations.


It’s now up to you whether you want to put a stop to it or see where it leads. However, there are signs your employer wants to sleep with you. These can also be signs your boss cares about you. Believe me when I tell you that there are always signs.


13 Signs Your Boss Wants to Sleep with You


There are a lot of private meetings scheduled for you.

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Meetings are evident and necessary when it comes to working. However, if your boss schedules “private” ones with you more often, then there could be something else. If your boss sets up a private meeting with you from time to time, it could mean he has other interests in mind. 


If you are meeting in his house, beware of signs your boss wants you to stay. If you visit too long, it could result in something beyond professional matters.


Your boss is helpful to you but not to your coworkers.


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If your boss is overly helpful, it can be a sign that he wants to sleep with you. He is now looking for ways to engage with you. He will assist you more than the rest of your coworkers. Your employer may appear to be a terrific mentor to you. But be careful; your boss could misinterpret it as a sign that you feel the same way.


Your boss gives you too many compliments.


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Your boss may compliment you if you’re a deserving employee and he respects your efforts. However, a boss does not generally say these things to his subordinates. Your boss may give compliments that are not related to your work. This indicates that your boss has other intentions with you. It implies that your boss is attracted to you based on your physical qualities.



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Flirting is an obvious sign that your boss wants to sleep with you. Flirting generates sexual tension between two people. So, yes, crack jokes at work, but there’s a difference between regular and flirting jokes. 


Too much physical contact. 


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Your boss wants to sleep with you if he shows too much physical contact. Here are situations that your boss shows too much physical contact:


  • Your boss may give you too many handshakes or hugs. 
  • Your boss simply reaches out to softly touch your arm 
  • Your boss pats your back more often
  • Your boss may also lean on you too close.


Check to see whether these contacts are normal to him and your coworkers. You understand what it means to be the only one who receives this treatment.


You spend time together outside of the office.


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Coworkers sharing a meal or a cup of coffee is becoming more usual. Employers are less inclined to mingle with their employees outside of working hours. When your boss asks about your personal life outside of work, it’s clear that they’re interested in you.


Your boss opens up to you about their personal life.


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Perhaps your boss told you that their girlfriend dumped them or that they had a wild weekend at the bar. In any scenario, you’ve stepped outside the scope of your professional relationship. Your boss could talk about their personal life like dating and sex. If they do so, it is a definite sign that they are interested in you.


They have a distinct perspective on you.


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They treat you differently from the rest of the staff. Perhaps they promote you even though you are still relatively new to the role. They could give you bonuses when you do not deserve them. This is your boss’ way to make you like them. You can get away with it for a while, but the other employees will be outraged if they find out.


You are given presents.


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It’s rare for your employees, especially your boss, to send you gifts. So when your boss tells you not to tell anybody about the present, you know they’re interested in you. Your boss could have an intention to make you like him by giving you these presents.


Exceptionally friendly.

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Managers are expected to welcome their employees in the morning. However, if your boss comes over to your desk to check on you throughout the day, you have a fan. Again, it’s different if they often come over to you because you’re working on a specific project together. But if all they want to do is chat, then, come on, it’s clear.


They get a little too near to you.


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One sign that your boss wants to sleep with you is frequently visiting you in your office. This is not necessarily sexual. Instead, this is typically a sign that they desire to be near you.


They could brush up against you, rub your arm, or say something in your ear. The idea is that they are invading your personal space. This is a sign they want more than a professional relationship with you.


He calls you on your mobile phone all the time.


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Your employer has to be able to contact you when you’re not at work. But if he calls your mobile phone late at night or on the weekend, it should be an emergency. If not, your boss just wants to talk with you outside of business hours. This can be because he wants to talk to you because he likes you.


There is a lot of eye contact.


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When you establish eye contact with your boss, this is another sign that he wants to sleep with you. People normally gaze at each other when conversing. However, when your boss looks you down, you know they want more. Long lengths of eye contact are a significant red flag and signal a desire to connect on a deeper level.


Safely Moving Forward


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Finding out that your boss is attracted to you may be terrifying. It usually ends in uncertainty, shame, and the potential of losing your job. You may be forced to leave a job you like. 


This can be a bad record of you. It can reach other firms. This will prevent you from having jobs in companies that were reached by the news. 


You may lack the bravery to stop communicating and engaging with your boss. Instead, consider speaking with a trained therapist. They can assist you in making a solution to work with your boss healthily.


What to do if you don’t like your boss back?


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Most businesses have policies that restrict managers from dating their employees. So keep your professional and personal lives separate. Simply tell your boss that you appreciate the remark but aren’t interested. 


But be careful of signs your boss wants you to leave. You might get fired for doing such. So be gentle with your tone and choice of words. 


You also have to be careful of signs your boss is threatened by you. Since you had the courage to confront your boss, he could be threatened. You still have to act professionally despite the situation. You wouldn’t want to scare your boss. 


Discuss your concerns with your boss away from distractions and coworkers. Express your concerns and how they are making you feel. Maintain a positive tone and discourse. You can do this by saying how much you appreciate your employer, like your work. And don’t want anything to get in the way of your career advancement by mistake. Finally, ask your boss if you can do anything to keep the relationship professional.



There are a lot of signs that your boss wants to sleep with you. However, you must be professional. Both of your interests should be done outside of your job. You can simply confront your boss that you are not interested. However, you must do this respectfully and professionally so that you will not be fired. 


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