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Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Respect You

by Bob
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Friends are closest to family. However, if your friends disrespect you, it’s time to rethink your relationship with them. Here are some signs your friend doesn’t respect you.


In this life, we all want friends. These are the people who help us get back on our feet when we’ve fallen. They are those who support us when times are difficult. Friendships are life or death, and you can count on them to never let you down. The issue is that not every buddy is the same. You could also notice indicators that your friend doesn’t respect or care about you.


It’s important to keep an eye on your inner circle. Check to see whether you’re surrounded by folks that lift you up rather than tear you down.  Also, make sure no one is drilling holes in your boat while you’re away. You can be certain that you will have high-quality ties as a result of doing so.


Keep an eye out for these signs your friend doesn’t respect you

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Everyone deserves respect with dignity. And friends, whether we know it or not, play an important role in our lives! When you have a buddy that does not appreciate you, it is difficult to respect yourself. Friendship is about supporting one another and bringing out the best in one another. When you have a friend that is in charge of your emotions, you will learn to see yourself through their eyes.


They are too demanding.


You are not able to have any personal time. They want you to abandon everything and come to their aid. It is critical to have your friend’s back. But, if they are causing a ruckus every time, your schedule does not allow for them. As a result, it is time to reassess your connection because it is clear that they do not value your time.


In situations like these, it’s vital to create clear limits with friends. You will become a part of your life by failing to communicate what is too much. Your buddy may not be acting and needs to communicate.  But if your buddy reacts in a rude way and it means they don’t value you as a person, it’s time to move on.   


They ignore your emotions.


Some folks do not understand how you feel. They may tell you that your sentiments are stupid in general. They may make you feel that you’re ‘too theatrical’ or that you’re making a big deal out of nothing. They may also inform you that your sentiments about their behavior are invalid. They’ll do this because you remind them that they’re in the wrong. 


If you share your frustrations like you are seeing signs coworkers are intimidated by you. If they won’t care, this is a sign your friend disrespects you. 


They are envious of your accomplishments.


It’s natural to be envious of other people’s success, but only to a point. Even if they are enjoying the life you wish you had, you would be supportive of them. You feel envious in secret, but you should appreciate them for their accomplishments! The fact that your friend will be unable to celebrate with you is a clear sign that they do not value you.


Your friend can also be envious of your love life accomplishments. If your friend sees signs a man loves you deeply, they get envious. Even as simple as signs your coworker has feelings for you, your friends can also get envious. You can tell by just their behavior. That is a sign that your friend doesn’t respect you. 


You often have the impression that you can’t trust them.


This boils down to gut instincts once more. If you know that telling a buddy anything would result in them demeaning it, you have no reason to trust them. What kind of foundation does that provide for friendship?  One of the primary norms of friendship is to preserve secrets.


You always catch them lying.


Lies should not be part of friendships. It’s a terrible sign if you find your buddy lying. It’s also one of the telltale indicators that your buddy doesn’t respect you. They expect you to put your faith in them without reservation.


They never say sorry.


We all make errors, but a decent person apologizes when they realize they’ve made a mistake. It isn’t polite if your friend never apologizes. Would they appreciate it if you did the same thing to them? Most likely not.


You’re always chasing after your buddy.


Is it a one-sided friendship? Any relationship, sexual or platonic, must be a two-way street. It’s critical to give and receive equal amounts of time. So whether you’re always chasing after your buddy to see if they’re okay, it’s time to think about why.


When you’re not looking, they’re nasty.


This is a terrible one, and I’m sure everyone has had a similar experience with a buddy at some point. You learn that one of your friends has been disparaging you. A buddy is circulating a rumor about you.


At some time, we will all need to speak. Addressing someone’s personal relationship to make them feel uneasy is not fair! If you believe this buddy is going too far for you, they do not respect you.  You deserve better.


They make fun of you in public.


Belittlement is exactly what it sounds like. It’s all about making you feel small and inadequate. Belittling might appear as someone rejecting your ideas. But, if your buddy makes you feel foolish, it is a sign that they do not respect you. They wouldn’t do it if they didn’t!


They may be attempting to make you appear foolish, but it is unjust to you. You are far more deserving of better treatment than this.


They fail to keep their promise to you.


We’ve all left things that have harmed individuals we care about. If you start to notice that your buddy disappoints you, they’re not a good friend. Of course, if there are good grounds, this is acceptable. If they don’t attempt to change, it’s doubtful that they respect you.


They are not on your side.


A true friend will protect you even when you are not present. A buddy who does not respect you, but will not care enough to stand up for you. They could even join in on the slander and backbiting. If they are always generating drama, this is a sign that they are your buddy. Telling you what people are saying about you behind your back.


They influence you to make poor decisions.


Okay, we’ve also had that one friend that always gets us into trouble. We end up having a wild time with them, for better or worse. But we know they’re good friends because they still look out for your best interests.


But what if your friend pushes you to make terrible decisions? They know they’re setting you up for failure, yet they seem to enjoy it. They will lead you astray and urge you to indulge in destructive behaviors. This sort of buddy is disrespectful to you, even if they claim to be ” having fun.”


You are always doing what they want.


It’s not always a terrible thing to have someone else make the decisions. For example, some of us don’t want to bother determining where we’ll meet. But, it is a show of contempt if your friend makes decisions all the time. It’s a one-sided friendship if you’re compelled to go along with everything they want to do.


Going with the flow and doing what they want is great. Yet, refusing to listen to you is a clear sign of contempt.


They never reach out to you.


Consider yourself the one who should check up on your pal. Maybe you’ve heard they’re struggling and want to make sure they’re okay. Some of your friends may be out of touch, and you want to reach out with the idea of getting together. This is always coming from you, and they never seem to reciprocate.


It might be distressing to believe that someone cares more about you than you care about them. It might feel as though they don’t actually cherish your friendship enough to show it. As a result of this, they don’t care about or respect you much either.


What should you do if you discover signs your friend doesn’t respect you?  


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Face them


Confronting them entails letting everything out. This is your time to let them know how you feel about them. So there will be no sugar coating your thoughts about how their actions impact you. Be as truthful as possible. Explain why you feel insulted in a calm manner. Don’t allow their excuses to keep you from voicing your opinion.


Set your boundaries.


If your friend chooses to be rude, make sure they don’t do it again. It’s a good idea to tell them what kinds of boundaries you desire in your connection. This is you regaining control of your life. Defending your right to be part of a fair, loving friendship.


Give them some time.


Allow your pal time to consider your boundaries after you’ve established them. A good friend would own their faults and do everything possible to fix them. They’ll apologize, and you’ll be able to sense real regret for what they’ve done. If they try to dodge the subject, though, never bring it up again. Refuse to apologize; it’s time to put this friendship behind you.




We outgrow each other, but it doesn’t mean we can’t be disrespectful to each other in the process. Friendship is a real and lovely thing. Yet, if a friend is disrespecting you, it’s time to put a stop to it. These signs are also signs you should stay away from someone. In this case, your friend.

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