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35 Best Tired Quotes for 2021 (Push Through the Hard Times)

by Bob
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Being tired either mentally, or physically is no joke, so rest once in a while but never give up! Here are 35 tired quotes to push through the hard times.


Times are indeed tough this 2021. Just taking a quick peek at the evening news will tire people out. And all the unemployment, isolation, and piling up cases and death rates are not helping either. The fatigue is so widespread, in fact, that experts have termed it “COVID-19 fatigue”.


And it’s not just about mental exhaustion. People are also experiencing physical exhaustion- more so for the medical frontliners. Medical workers all have increased shifts due to the increase of people needing treatment. That, while putting on a smile for the patients, is truly remarkable. So to all medical workers out there, kudos to all the work that you do!


Sure, everything is effed up right now. But always remember that it’s okay to take a break once in a while. So go ahead, take that day off! Make it as productive (or unproductive) as you want it to be. Just be sure to never give up, never surrender


In this article, we’ll cover I’m tired quotes, and tired of trying quotes to motivate you to be strong during these times, and to remind you that everything will be okay. Maybe not now, but surely, definitely one day. 


10 Funny I’m Tired Quotes


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To start off, here are funny I’m tired quotes to inject some humor into your day.

#1  “Can’t decide if I need a hug, an XL coffee, 6 shots of vodka or 2 weeks of sleep.” — Anonymous


#2  “A teenager is always too tired to hold a dishcloth, but never too tired to hold a phone.” — Anonymous 


#3  “I’m so tired, the bags under my eyes are bigger than my boobs.” — Anonymous 


#4  “I am not an early bird or a night owl. I am some form of permanently exhausted pigeon.” 


#5  “I’m exhausted, I’m grouchy, I’m mentally and emotionally worn out. So when the next idiot pisses me off and I snap and beat them to a pulp, someone please bail me out!” — Anonymous 


#6  “I hate when I’m tired and sleepy. But when I get in bed, my body is like ‘Just kiddin’!” — Anonymous 


#7  “I sleep less, I’m tired. I sleep more, I’m tired.” — Anonymous 


#8  “I am so tired ever my tiredness is tired.” — Anonymous 


#9  “Life is one long process of getting tired.” – Samuel Butler


#10  “I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.” – Fannie Lou Hamer


8 Quotes About Being Tired


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#1  “She’s tired of being broken. She’s tired of being misunderstood. She’s tired of being bullied. But one thing she isn’t tired of is being herself.” — Anonymous


#2  “No one ever gets tired of loving. But everyone gets tired of waiting, assuming, hearing lies, saying sorry, & hurting.”   “I’m sad, I’m tired, I’m lonely. But it’s okay because I’m breathing.” — Anonymous


#3  “I get tired from just thinking of everything I have to do.” — Anonymous 


#4  “Tired, tired with nothing, tired with everything, tired with the world’s weight he had never chosen to bear.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald


#5  “I should be happy, but instead I feel nothing. I feel a lot of nothing these days. I’ve cried a few times, but mostly I’m empty, as if whatever makes me feel and hurt and laugh and love has been surgically removed, leaving me hollowed out like a shell.” ― Jennifer Niven


#6  “I’m so tired I never want to wake up again. But I’ve figured out now that it was never them that made me feel that way. It was just me, all along.” ― Maggie Stiefvater


#7  “We all grow tired eventually; it happens to everyone. Even the sun, at the close of the year, is no longer a morning person.” ― Joyce Rachelle


#8  “Sometimes exhaustion is not a result of too much time spent on something, but of knowing that in its place, no time is spent on something else.” ― Joyce Rachelle


8 Tired Of Trying Quotes


#1  “Even a mouse will get tired of a maze after a while.” — Anonymous 


#2  “Sick of crying, tired of trying.” — Anonymous 


#3  “I’m tired of fighting. For once I want to be fought for.” — Anonymous 


#4  “I’m exhausted from trying to be stronger than I feel.”  — Anonymous 


#5  “Sometimes you just get tired of being the only one trying.”   — Anonymous 


#6  “Sick of crying, tired of trying, yes I’m smiling but inside I’m dying.” — Anonymous 


#7  “I’m tired of trying to please everyone when I can’t even please myself.” — Anonymous 


#8  “I’m tired of trying to get other people to see into my brain. I’m done.” – Todd McFarlane


6 Don’t give up quotes


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Here are some don’t give up quotes to remind you to push through, even if you’re going through something really rough right now. Remember, take a break, but never give up.


#1  “Don’t stop when you are tired. Stop when you are done!!” — Brayden Brad


#2  “You can do anything, but not everything.” Anonymous


#3  “Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.” — Dean Karnazes


#4  “Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.” — Anonymous 


#5  “Even when you have every right to be tired of everything, Never be tired of living.” — Anonymous 


#6  “Never be tired of a dream, if not fulfilled. Fear of failure should not deter you from your path of self belief. Your belief and determination will get you to your destination and make the dream come true.” — Anonymous 


3 Inspirational Im Tired Quotes


#1  “On a day when you’re tired, it’s important to just say good morning to everyone so they’re kind of aware that it’s gonna be a good day. Jamie Lee Curtis told me that.” — Lindsay Lohan


#2  “We can be tired, weary and emotionally distraught, but after spending time alone with God, we find that He injects into our bodies energy, power and strength.” — Charles Stanley


#3  “Well being tired is a lot better than being dead, man.” — Anonymous 


Wrapping Up

Being tired is very normal. Even early humans have experienced fatigue one way or another. But being burnt out is another thing. So detect the early signs of being burnt out, and do some measures to prevent it. 


It may be hard, especially during this pandemic, to find something to take your mind off of things- but even the smallest things are a huge help. Spend a day in bed watching Netflix all day. Or even set up a zoom date with your beloved. Or just sleep all day- everything is up to you, really! Just remember to never be guilty of feeling tired, and taking the you time that you deserve.


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