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35 Fake Love Quotes To Know if It’s Time To Let Go

by Bob
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Are you in a relationship where you’re unsure of the true intentions of your partner? Let these fake love quotes help you determine it’s true love or not.

Having someone to love is one of the most wonderful things in life. However, it’s a different topic when it comes to fake love. Many hearts have been broken because of giving their love to someone too early without knowing their real intentions. The pain caused by fake love is worse than that of rejection. Thus, knowing the difference between fake love and true love helps you save yourself from serious pain in the future. 

Is your intuition telling you that what you’re receiving from your partner is fake love but you’re still having a hard time accepting it? Let these fake love status quotes help you know if it’s time to let go. Whether you are looking for fake love quotes for WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the likes, our compilation will surely help you.


20 Quotes About Fake Love Relationships


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Let us start with our list of fake love quotes in English.


#1 “One day you’ll realize some of the sweetest words could be the biggest lies.”


#2 “Never say I love you if you don’t mean it. Never talk about feelings if they aren’t there. Never touch a life if you mean to break a heart. Never look someone in the eye if all you do is lie.”


#3 “Real love you feel it, you show it! But fake love is just words. Fake people have an image to maintain. Real people just don’t care.” – Mansi Dangra


#4 “All the lies and pain you put me through; I know now that your love was never true.”


#5 “I don’t think that you can fake warmth. You can fake lust, jealousy, anger; those are all quite easy. But actual, genuine warmth? I don’t think you can fake it.” – Keira Knightley


#6 “From the very first time you held my hands, I knew that it is without heart. I refused to see it until I could no longer un-see it. Your heart will never ever be mine.”


#7 “The hardest thing about knowing you don’t love me is that you spent so much time pretending that you did.”


#8 “You hid behind your bejeweled mask of sweet and empty nothings. You wore a fancy dress laced with pretend. You bewitched me with your wicked smile and took me to a wonderland of lies.”


#9 “Many of us believe that when we give love, we are getting the love back, but sometimes it’s just an illusion of what we gave them.” – Jayashree Chatterjee


#10 “I wonder how many have fallen for your hypnotizing eyes. I wonder how many have fallen victim to your love which is nothing but a bed of lies and nails. I wonder how I could have fallen for all of that.”


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#11 “Real love, you feel it; you see it; you show it! But fake love is just words.”


#12 “My best memories are the ones which have you in it – pretending to love me, whispering sweet nothings to me half-heartedly, and making me believe that I am special.”


#13 “If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn’t want you, nothing can make him stay.” – Oprah Winfrey


#14 “You gave me gifts and touched my hands when no one was looking. You swept me off my feet when I was at my most vulnerable. You broke the walls that I’ve stacked up so high when you kissed me. Now, you are doing the same thing to another. How can you be so cruel?”


#15 “The moment you feel like you have to prove your worth to someone who says they love you is the moment you know they have been lying to you.” – Alysia Harris


#16 “Being loved by someone who never truly really did is like swimming in a venomous pool – it will eventually kill you before you realize that the water is toxic.”


#17 “Every day, thousands of breakups occur. The reason behind them is simple. One of them is not a real lover of the other.” – Johann Livens


#18 “Real love is rare but fake words and promises are everywhere.” – Shubham Shukla


#19 “Hurt me with those sharp and spiked words. Spare me from the poison of your honey lips and cloudy words.”


#20 “You shouldn’t be always available for someone who doesn’t even ask how you are doing.” – Rjysh


15 Fake Love Shayari


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Here are sayings about fake love in the Indian language.


#1 “सच्चा “प्यार” बहुत दुर्लभ है, लेकिन नकली “शब्द” और “वादे” हर जगह हैं” (True “love” is very rare, but fake “words” and “promises” are everywhere)


#2 “राज़ उनके,

बहुत गहरे होते है.

अक्सर हस्ते हुए,

जिनके चेहरे होते है.”


#3 “ठहरने को तो हम भी ठहर जाते उनके दिल में,

पर क्या करें,ख़ुशी के झूठे मुखौटे हमें नहीं लगाने आते”


#4 “वक्त आने दो वो सब कुछ भुला देंगे 

गुजरी बातें सारे वादे तुमको भी रुला देंगे”


झूठा प्यार मीठी बात हंसी उसकी चुरा लेंगे 

नवाजिश करके उसकी वो अश्कों से भिगा देंगे 


छिपाकर झूठ दिखाकर प्यार आंखों में सजा लेंगे

मिला जो तुमसे बेहतर कोई तो ठोकर मार गिरा देंगे”


#5 “किसी इंसान को सिर्फ अपने “फायदे” के लिए इस्तेमाल न करें,

क्योंकि आप नहीं जानते कि, जब उसे “असलियत” का पता चलेगा, तो उसे कितना दुख होगा”


#6 “सुनो न… 

तेरा इश्क़ ये कैसी कैफियत दे गया 

जो मेरा इश्क़ इक तरफा हो गया.. 

जो लफ्ज़ पिरोता था हमारे लिए 

वो अब किसी और के लिए शायर हो गया.. 

फिजूल है यारों इश्क़ मोहब्बत की बातें 

कल जो हमारा था आज किसी और का हो गया.”


#7  “मुझे तुम्हारी परवाह थी लेकिन तुमने कभी मेरी परवाह नहीं की,

और मुझे लगता था कि हम अपना पूरा “जीवन” एक साथ बिताएंगे”


#8 “हमसे क्या ख़ता हुई, मालुम नहीं

क्यों हमसे वो जुदा हुईं, मालुम नहीं

क्या हमारे इश्क़ में कोई कमी थी, मालुम नहीं

आंसू आते हैं हमें उनकी याद में अक्सर

पर क्या कभी उनहे भी हमसे मुहब्बत थी, 

मालुम नहीं”

– Nikhil Raj


#9 “अगर कोई आपसे सच्ची मोहब्बत करता है, तो वो आपको कभी “जज” नहीं करेगा”


#10 “उमड़ रहा था मेरे दिल में  जो इश्क बेशुमार 

 वे उन जज़्बातो को  मजाक में लिए बैठे थे

दुनिया के सामने तो महज  दिखावा था उनका प्यार 

असल में तो वह मेरे होने का भी मलाल लिए बैठे थे।”

– Navi


#11 “हजारों आशिक “मोहब्बत” की खातिर, मोहब्बत के “रास्ते” पर फना हो गए,

मेरी “मोहब्बत” में न जाने क्या कमी रह गयी, कि वो “बेवफा” हो गए”


#12 “दर्द होता है ये “जानकर” कि, तुम्हारे पास “सबके” लिए वक्त है, बस “मुझको” छोड़कर”


#13 “जो लोग Perfect लगते हैं अक्सर वैसे लोग हीं झूठा प्यार करने वाले निकलते हैं.”


#14 “कभी कागज पर “एक-लाइन” तक लिखने से “डर” लगता था,

लेकिन तुम्हारी “बेवफाई” ने आज मुझे “हजारों पन्नों” का शायर बना दिया”


#15 “सच्चे प्यार की कदर कहां है, इस “दुनिया” को,

यहां हर कोई अपना “फायदा” सोचकर रिश्ता बनाता है”


Wrapping It Up


It’s easy for some to say “I love you” to any person even if they don’t really mean it. For these people, love is a game where the one who was able to break the most number of hearts is the winner.

It’s not your fault for loving and giving your everything to these kinds of people. But if you don’t feel valued anymore and the pain already becomes intolerable, it’s time to ask yourself if what you’re in is really true love. Once you confirm that it’s not real, it’s time to let go and move on. Learn to love yourself too, because you deserve more than someone who treats you like trash. 


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