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34 One Sided Love Quotes (How Painful Can It Be?)

by Bob
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Unrequited love brings agonizing pain because you know that your love will never be reciprocated. Here are one sided love quotes that you’ll surely feel.

Have you ever been in love with someone who doesn’t know you even exist? Or are you in a relationship where you feel like you’re the only one who’s making efforts? Then for sure, you know what one-sided love is.

Giving your love to someone who can’t love you back brings unexplainable sorrow. It’s like you’re wanting something that you know you can never have. Are you in the process of moving on from a one-sided love setup? Allow our collection of the best one sided true love quotes and one sided love shayari help you mend your broken heart.


25 Sad One Sided Love Shayari in English


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Let’s start our list with one sided love shayari in English.


#1 “A person doesn’t know true hurt and suffering until they’ve felt the pain of falling in love with someone whose affections lie elsewhere.” – Rose Gordon


#2 “Why did you make me feel like I am your world? And now you are telling me that I am just mere dust on your road.”


#3 “I can’t tell you I love you, all I can see is you. Every time our eyes meet, every time I hear your voice I love you more and my heart aches more.”


#4 “I’ve lost count of how many tears I’ve cried for you. I don’t know how many nights I’ve stayed up thinking about you. I know for a fact that no matter what I do, I will never get over you.”


#5 “A mighty pain to love it is, and it’s a pain that pain to miss; but of all pains, the greatest pain it is to love, but love in vain.” – Abraham Cowley


#6 “All you’ve given me were scars, burns, barrenness, and a heart beyond repair. But still, I will not have it any other way if it means I can love you more.”


#7 “I know when to stop. I know when to let things go. I know when to move on. I know how to adjust. But ‘I know’ is different from ‘I can’.”


#8 “I never knew that a heart can bear so much pain. I never knew I could hurt so much and cry my soul out every time you cross my mind. I never knew my world would plunge into darkness when I started loving you.”


#9 “My joy is severed because of you, my pain is amplified because I loved you.”


#10 “It tears me apart because we will never happen, but it breaks me more to give up on you for you are all I’ve ever wanted and more.”


#11 “I can only feign, so long, of not loving you. But, I know, I cannot stop loving you, despite it all. Maybe we were not meant to be.”


#12 “Here I am, breaking into tiny million pieces as you dance and succumb to his sweet kisses.”


#13 “The worst thing about loving you is that I don’t know if or when it’s time to let go.”



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#14 “Will I only be allowed to look at the back of your head? Will I only be allowed to daydream about your sweet lips and your starry eyes? Will I only be allowed to forever thirst for your love until my heart forgets how to love?”


#15 “We cannot be friends anymore. What good is it, when I get to hear your love for someone else?”


#16 “Unrequited love does not die; it’s only beaten down to a secret place where it hides, curled and wounded. For some unfortunates, it turns bitter and mean, and those who come after pay the price for the hurt done by the one who came before.” – Elle Newmark


#17 “Because what’s worse than knowing you want something, besides knowing you can never have it?” – James Patterson


#18 “Loving someone who doesn’t love you in return, is like trying to fly with a broken wing.” – Amogh Tiwari


#19 “I’m not sure what scares me more, that you will never start loving me, or that I will never stop loving you.”


#20 “I only wish there’s a word I’ve never said or a gaze that I shouldn’t have made. Because I love you so much and I’m tired of hoping you’ll do too.”


#21 “I’ll do right by you and love you, continuously. But, I know one day, it’ll dawn on you and you’ll come to realize you love me too.”


#22 “Maybe, sometimes, being friends is just not enough. Sometimes, maybe, I just want you to look at me the way lovers do.”


#23 “Because, if you could love someone, and keep loving them, without being loved back then that love had to be real. It hurt too much to be anything else.” – Sarah Cross


#24 “It’s a pity your heart beats for someone else because I cannot cage my heart to do the same.”


#25 “It hurts when you have someone in your heart but you can’t have them in your arms.” – Belinda Hernandez


9 One Sided Love Shayari


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For those who are looking for shayari on one sided love in Indian language, check out our list below!


#1 “मुजे पात है से मुजे मिलाने वाएले है न फिर भीगे तुझसे मुज़े बेपनाह प्यार है” (I know I am not going to get you, yet I love you dearly)


#2 “एकतरफा प्यार में एक दिल को रोते हुए देखा है और दूसरे वाले को फर्क ही नहीं पड़ता” (Have seen one heart weeping in unrequited love and the other one doesn’t mind)


#3 “वो कुछ सुन न पाए,

हम कुछ कह न पाए,

इस तरह एकतरफा प्यार की दास्तान अधूरी रह गयी।”

(He could not hear anything,

We could not say anything,

In this way, the story of unilateral love remained incomplete.)


#4 “एक उम्मीद है कि एक दिन वो मेरे सच्चे प्यार को पहचान लेगी

जैसे मैं उसे अपना मानता हूँ, वैसे ही वो भी मुझे अपना मान लेगी”

(There is a hope that one day she will recognize my true love…

Just as I consider her as my own, she will also accept me as hers)


#5 “थक गए हम उनका इंतज़ार करते करते.

रोये हज़ार बार खुदा से तक़रार करते हुए.

दो लफ्ज़ जुबां से न निकले और टूट गए हम.

एक तरफा प्यार करते करते हुए.”

(Tired we used to wait for them.

Cried a thousand times fighting with God.

Two words did not come out of the tongue and we broke.

While making one sided love.)


#6 “शायद मेरे किस्मत में कोई और है

– पर दिल में हमेशा तू ही रहेगी”

(Maybe someone else is in my luck

– but you will always be in the heart)


#7 “तुझे भूलने चला था

पर इस ‘एक तरफ़ा’ प्यार ने

खुद को भुला दिया”

(Went to forget you

But this ‘one way’ love

Forgot myself)


#8 “आसान नहीं होता उस इंसान से मोहब्बत करना

जिसको उसकी मोहब्बत करने वाले की कदर ना हो”

(It’s not easy to fall in love with that person

Who does not love the person who loves him)


#9 “अपने इनबॉक्स में उसके ‘I love u’ का मैसेज देखना सपना है मेरा

उस दिन का है इन्तजार जब कह सकूं की वो शख्श अपना है मेरा”


(It is my dream to see his ‘I love u’ message in my inbox…

I am waiting for that day when I can say that this person is mine…)


Wrapping It Up


One-sided love seems to be hopeless, especially if the one you love is already in a relationship or has friend-zoned you. But if you feel that you still have a chance but don’t have the guts to ask the person out, you can actually make one-sided love successful.

Also, one-sided love is not really that bad because you can make that person your inspiration to improve yourself more. However, know when to let things go before everything gets worse and the pain unbearable. We hope that these one side love quotes and one side love status were able to help you realize things and make you ask yourself: Is it time to let go?


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