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29 Funny and Inspirational Urdu Quotes for You to Live By

by Bob
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Need some Urdu lines to share with your friends? Check out our compilation of the best motivational Urdu quotes that we have meticulously chosen for you here!


Life is a wonderful journey that each of us must learn to enjoy every moment of. The path is not guaranteed to be free from obstacles. There will always be a lot of ups and downs. Courageous and strong as we may want our minds to be, we cannot avoid the times that will make us feel so down. 


During these times, all we want is a few words of wisdom that will motivate us to keep going on. A few inspirational lines to give us hope that there is always a bright tomorrow waiting for us. Here are Urdu quotes in English, Urdu quotes on life, and funny Urdu quotes to give light to your gloomy days.


9 Urdu Quotes in English


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Rishtay motiyoun jese hotay hain agr gir bhe jain to zara sa jhuk kar utha lainay chaheyain!

(Relationships are like pearls, even if they fall, you should bend down a little and pick them up!)


Bohot si batain aaisi hoti hain jin kay jawab main ham ” thek hai ” kay ilawa kuch nahin keh saktay jabkay wo kisi bhe tarah thek nahin hotin!

(There are a lot of things to which we can say nothing but “OK” when they are not OK in any way!)


Kisi kay maazi par us KI tazleel karnay se pehlay soch lo

kay kahin us ka maazi tumhara mustaqbil na ban jaey!

(Think before you humiliate someone’s past

 Let his past not be your future!)


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Zindagi main jab kabhi hamara khud se saamna hota hai to samajh aata hai

Kay ham ne dosron KI khatir apna kitna dil dukhaya hai!

(It makes sense when we encounter ourselves in life

How much we have shown our heart for the sake of others!)


Jhoot is liay bhe bik jata hai kyoun kay

Sach ko kharidnay ki aukaat har kisi ki nahin hoti!

(Lies are also sold because of this

Not everyone has the right to buy the truth!)


Har maslay kay liay koi na koi hal zaror hota hai

Aur usi hal ki mojodgi kay ehsaas ka naam umeed hai.

(There is always a solution to every problem

And the sense of the presence of that solution is called hope.)


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Logon ko is baat se garz nahin kay aap khush hain ya nahin

Unhain farq is bat se parta hai kay aap unhain khush rakhtay hain ya nahin!

(People don’t care if you’re happy or not

They care if you keep them happy or not!)


Ye log paaon se nahin zehen se apaahij hain

Udhar chalenge jidhar rehnuma chalaate hain

(People are disabled not physically but mentally

They follow the path where the leaders tell them to walk.)


Jo taur hai duniya ka usi taur se bolo

Bahron ka ilaqa hai zara zor se bolo

(Speak in the same tone as the world

This is an area where deaf people live – speak loudly.)


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اگر تم سورج کی ترہ چمکنا چاھتے ہو تو

پھلے سورج کی طرح جلنا سیکھو .

(If you want to shine like the sun

First, learn to burn like the sun.)


کامیابی بہادوروں کا ساتھ دیتی ہے

(Success accompanies the brave.)


جو یقین کی راہ پر چل پڑے انہیں منزلوں نے پناہ دی،

جنہیں وسوسوں نے ڈرایا وہ قدم قدم پہ بہک گئے

(Those who follow the path of certainty are sheltered by destinations.

Those who were frightened by the whispers got lost step by step.)


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کامیاب لوگ اپنے فیصلوں سے دنیا بدل دیتے ہیں

اور کمزور لوگ دنیا کے ڈر سے اپنے فیصلے بدل دیتے ہیں

(Successful people are in control of almost every single situation

And weak people change their decisions out of fear of the world.)


کامیابی صرف جکھنے سے ہی نہیں ملتی

کبھی کبھی آپ کو سر اٹھانا پڑتا ہے اپنے حق کے لیے

(Success is not just about giving

Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself.)


کچھ نہیں ملتا اس دنیا میں محنت کے بغیر

مجھے اپنا سایہ بھی دھوپ میں جانے کے بعد ملا

(Nothing is gained in this world without hard work

I also found my shadow after going out in the sun.)


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جو شکس اپنی زندگی کا جہذا نہی لیتا اور اپنے نفس کا احتساب نہی کرتا وہ زندہ رہنے ک لیک نہی

(The skeptic who does not take the risk of his life and does not hold himself accountable is not allowed to survive.)


اوپر اٹھنے میں وقت تو لگتا ہے

پھر چاہے سورج ہی کیوں نہ ہو دھیرے دھیرے اگھتا ہے

(It takes time to get up,

Even the sun rises slowly.)


عجیب طرح سی گزر رہی زندگی سوچا کچھ کیا کچھ ہوا کچھ اور ملا کچھ

(Life is going on strangely, I thought something happened, something happened and something was found.)


شاخیں رہیں تو پھول بھی پتے بھی آئیں گے

یہ دن اگر برے ہیں تو اچھے بھی آئیں گے

(If there are branches, flowers and leaves will also come

If these days are bad then good will come.)

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کسی کو سچے دل سے چاہو تو پوری کائنات اسکی شادی کسی اور سے کروانے میں لگ جاتی ہے

(If you want someone sincerely, then the whole universe starts to get him married to someone else.)


جب میں اداس ہوتا ہوں تو گانا گاتا ہوں پھر مجھے تسلی ہو جاتی ہے کہ میری آواز میرے حالات سے بھی زیادہ خراب ہے

(I sing when I’m sad and then I’m convinced that my voice is worse than mine.)


آپ بدصورت نہیں ہوتے آپ صرف غریب ہوتے ہیں.

(You are not ugly, you are just poor.)


زندگی میں بوہت کچھ کرنا چاہتا ہوں پر نیند بوہت آتی ہے.

(I want to do a lot in life but sleep comes a lot.)


پرانی کہاوت, نیکی کر دریا میں ڈال. نیا کہاوت, کچھ بھی کر فیس بک پے ڈال.

(The old saying, do good and put it in the river. New saying, do anything and put it on Facebook.)


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لڑکیاں تم جتنی بھی ہائی ہیلس پہن لو تم ٹڈیاں تھی ٹڈیاں ہو تم ٹڈیاں رہو گی

(Girls, no matter how high heels you wear, you were a locust. You will be a locust.)


چاہے جتنا بھی پڑھ لو، جتنے بھی اچھے گریڈز لے لو. کبھی بھی اور سناؤ کا جواب نہیں دے پاؤ گ

(No matter how much you read, no matter how good the grades are. You will never be able to answer another question.)


داڑھی نہ ہو تو لڑکوں کی شکل خالی پلاٹ جیسی لگتی ہے

(Without a beard, boys look like empty plots.)


‘کچھ لوگ خامخواہ ہی اچھے  لگتے ہیں….جیسے آپ سب کو ‘میں

(Some people just want to be nice … like you all.)


جب اکیلا ٹیچر سارے سبجیکٹ نہیں پڑھا سکتا تو ایک اکیلا سٹوڈنٹ سارے سبجیکٹ کیسے پڑھ سکتا ہے

(How can a single student read all the subjects when a single teacher cannot read all the subjects.)


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Wrapping It Up

Being “lazy” sometimes doesn’t mean you’re unproductive and useless. Needing time for yourself to recover emotionally is understandable. We all need personal space and detachment from the outside world to “find” our own selves while we deal with the chaos inside.


While we may face many challenges along our way to success, taking moments of rest in between is not a bad thing. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Life is not a race and we all have a different timeline. Be patient and wait for yours to come.


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