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41 Love Is Blind Quotes [Loving Beyond Imperfections]

by Bob
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Have you ever tried loving someone beyond their flaws and imperfections? Then these love is blind quotes are perfect for you who love without conditions.


They say love is blind. Do you agree? When we consider the explanation of psychologists regarding this matter, it’s all about positive illusions. When we apply this concept to the “love is blind” saying, this is how Psychology Today has stated it:


“Lovers do not see clearly, if at all, their beloved’s negative traits and tend to create an

idealized image of the beloved.”


In addition to this, they say that idealizing a beloved can be a type of defense mechanism that allows people to justify their somewhat arbitrary choice. I know you won’t agree with this, but that is what the study of the mind and behavior says. But who cares about what science says? Right? Let’s just dive into these love is blind quotes for those who are crazily in love!


12 Love Makes You Blind Quotes


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#1 “Love makes you blind to your own survival. And if it doesn’t then it’s not love at all.” – Walter Mosley


#2 “Love is not only blind but a fool, a stumbling mess falling backward through showroom doors into atmospheres unwelcoming of his presence.” – Alex Gaskarth


#3 “People in blind love throw away common sense, conscience, and comedy from life.” – Amit Kalantri


#4 “The heart fools the mind, where eyes went deaf to words, that fell on blinded ears too easy to fall in love.” – Anthony Liccione


#5 “She didn’t see it because when it came to love, she saw what she wanted to see.” – Leslye Walton


#6 “The brain becomes illogical, in the throes of a new romance.” – Abhijit Naskar


#7 “Love is not blind but it leads to blindness.” – Auliq Ice


#8 “When the person you love can’t see your love for them beneath the painful things you say when they reject you, remember this: Love is blind.” – Shannon L. Alder


#9 “Love works a different way in different minds, the fool it enlightens and the wise it blinds.” – John Dryden


#10 “Love to faults is always blind, always is to joy inclined. Lawless, winged, and unconfined, and breaks all chains from every mind.” – William Blake


#11 “Sometimes love blinds us, other times it lets us see.” – Paulo Coelho


#12 “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” – Soren Kierkegaard


8 Love Is Blind Shakespeare Quote


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#1 “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind. And therefore, is winged Cupid painted blind.” – A Midsummer Night’s Dream


#2 “I am glad ’tis night, you do not look on me,

For I am much ashamed of my exchange.

But love is blind, and lovers cannot see

The pretty follies that themselves commit,

For if they could Cupid himself would blush

To see me thus transformed to a boy.”

– The Merchant of Venice


#3 “Doubt thou the stars are fire;

Doubt the sun doth move;

Doubt truth to be a liar;

But never doubt I love.”

– Hamlet


#4 “Let me be that I am and seek not to alter me.” – Much Ado About Nothing


#5 “Love sought is good, but given unsought, is better.” – Twelfth Night


#6 “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” – Hamlet


#7 “I’ll follow thee and make a heaven of hell,

To die upon the hand I love so well.”

– A Midsummer Night’s Dream


#8 “Love is blind, it stops lovers seeing the silly things they do.” – William Shakespeare


7 Love Is Blind Funny Quotes


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#1 “Love is something special, a treasure I want to find. To others, love is blind. But for me, it’s not true. Because when I fell in love, I saw you.” – Ryaj Ablando Catayas


#2 “Love is blind, but marriage restores its sight.” – Samuel Licktenburg


#3 “If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?” – Unknown


#4 “Don’t make love by the garden gate, love is blind but the neighbors ain’t.” – American Proverb


#5 “Sometimes, love is blind. Sometimes, it’s only color-blind.” – Unknown


#6 “Look your best — who said love is blind?” – Mae West


#7 “I allowed you to paint me as a fool when all my love was true to you, and as you laughed as if I was the fool, the real joke was you.” – Mireya Rios


14 Love Is Not Blind Quotes


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#1 “Love is not blind – it sees more, not less. But because it sees more, it is willing to see less.” – Julius Gordon


#2 “Love is not blind. Love sees what is most true.” – Vanna Bonta


#3 “Love is not blind. It has perfect vision. It makes it possible for us to see as we have never seen before.” – Leo Buscaglia


#4 “Love is not blind; it simply enables one to see things others fail to see.” – Johnny Depp


#5 “LOVE is not to say, but to understand. LOVE is not to show, but to feel inside. LOVE is not to find faults, but to make the best. LOVE is not to demand, but to sacrifice. LOVE is not to hurt, but to take care of. LOVE is not blind, but it doesn’t need to see.” – Unknown


#6 “Love, it is said, is blind, but love is not blind. It is an extra eye, which shows us what is most worthy of regard. To see the best is to see most clearly, and it is the lover’s privilege.” – J.M. Barrie


#7 “Love is NOT blind. It teaches you to be blind and overlook your partner’s mistakes and shortcomings.” – Reetwika Banerjee


#8 “It is not that love is blind. It is that love sees with a painter’s eye, finding the essence that renders all else background.” – Robert Breault 


#9 “Love knows no reasons, love knows no lies. Love defies all reasons, love has no eyes but love is not blind, love sees but doesn’t mind.” – Unknown


#10 “Love is not blind; that is the last thing that it is. Love is bound, and the more it is bound the less it is blind.” – G.K. Chesterton


#11 “Love is not blind. Love sees everything and says yes to it all.” – Scott Stabile


#12 “Once we recognize the fact that every individual is a treasury of hidden and unsuspected qualities, our lives become richer, our judgment better, and our world is more right. It is not love that is blind, it is only the unnoticed eye that cannot see the real qualities of people.” – Charles H. Percy


#13 “A person who really loves you sees what a mess you can be, how moody you can get, and how hard you are to handle at times – but still want you in their life. Love isn’t blind, it just chooses to overlook.” – Unknown


#14 “Love is blind. It will take over your mind. What you think is love, is truly not. You need to elevate your mind.” – Eve


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Wrapping It Up


When you truly love someone, you will accept all of their flaws and imperfections. No matter how much pain they cause you, you will always choose to understand them. You will keep on forgiving them even if it means breaking yourself into pieces.


Regardless of how smart you think you are, there will be that one person who will turn you into a fool. Love does make us blind. And sometimes, makes us do the most stupid things that even us will be surprised by our own actions. Salute to you who is able to love unconditionally!

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