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Uber Mission Statement 2021: A Full Analysis Of Its Mission

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Are you looking for Uber Mission Statement Analysis? Check out our detailed analysis of the topic!

The full name of Uber is Uber Technologies Inc, but it is famous as “Uber” among the masses. The services offered by this company include food delivery (Uber Eats), ride-hailing, package delivery, freight transportation, couriers, etc. Since its founding, the company has become synonymous with disruptive technology. The taxi app of this company has swept the world with a storm. The company has successfully transformed transportation and has also given a different business model to the world. 


Uber’s mission statement is:

“Our mission is to ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion. Good things happen when people can move, whether across town or toward their dreams.”


The company was launched initially in San Francisco, and the company started its global takeover by expanding to a new US city each month from May 2011. The first international launch of this company was in Paris in 2011. The launch then followed to Toronto, Sydney, London, and Johannesburg. Users are required to install the Uber app on their smartphone and avail the facilities provided. 


Uber Mission Statement


  • The mission statement of Uber has evolved. With time, the company has expanded its business into several avenues through diversification. The mission of the corporation has also widened along with its operations. 
  • It was almost half a decade ago that Uber published its mission statement. It is, “To make transportation as reliable as running water everywhere, for everyone.” The mission statement depicts that the primary aim of Uber is to make transportation accessible to everyone since the company has compared it with running water. 

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The mission of Uber also suggests that the company is after expanding its operations into every possible market and offering its services there. It is worth noting that Uber expanded its operations internationally to over 80 nations. It offers ride-hailing services to passengers in every possible market. 


Why Does Uber Have Such A Mission/Mission Statement? 


The mission statement of Uber has evolved, and the new one has a much broader perspective than the previous one. The company highlights mobility in its new mission statement and depicts how it aspires to change the community. The company started its venture as a ride-sharing platform, and from there, it eventually diversified into other avenues related to mobility. The new mission statement of Uber suggests that it seeks to attain success in mobility by offering transportation solutions and logistics. 


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The solutions offered by Uber foster the growth of the industry to a great extent. The mission statement provides value to its stakeholders as well. Hence, Uber has a mission statement to provide value to its stakeholders, customers, and everyone connected to the company. 


Why Is Uber Mission Statement Impactful?


The mission statement of Uber is one of the finest, with more profound messages and insights. The statement is concise and precise, with deeper meanings. Uber is creating opportunities for both drivers and riders. The company is creating job opportunities for drivers to earn their livelihood. It also allows passengers to save costs by sharing empty seats with others traveling to the same destination. 

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Source: PIXABAY 

The company is providing its services not only in developed countries, but it runs its operations in underdeveloped and developing countries as well. Uber aims to be everywhere for everyone. The company has made a commendable effort to rise beyond regional limitations and have its presence felt global. 


Get Inspired Through Uber Mission Statement


The mission statement of Uber outlines the strategic approaches exploited by the company’s management team to drive it forward towards the set goals. As far as Uner is concerned, its mission statement emphasizes the experiences and limitless services that the company’s strategic model has on its consumers. The mission statement also captures perfectly what the company is about and what its operations are. The company strives hard every day to fulfill its mission. 


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Source: PIXABAY 


Uber is much more than just a company that provides transportation and ridesharing services. It is an opportunity for self-employment. The company also aims to create opportunities for every individual across the globe. To achieve its mission statement, the company proactively seeks solutions to enable people to have greater access to services with fewer cars. It provides more significant benefits to almost all sectors of society, and while running its operations seamlessly, the company has every person related to it in mind. 


Other businesses can take inspiration from this company’s mission statement and include all sectors in their mission statement.

Other Core Uber Mission Strategies


The core values of Uber include, “we build globally, we live locally, we are customer obsessed, we celebrate differences, we do the right thing, we act like owners, we preserve, we value ideas over hierarchy, we make big bold bets.” These values have helped Uber come a long way, and with the help of these values, the company has made a name for itself as one of the most dynamic, progressive, reliable, and ridesharing companies. 

Uber App Model

Source: PIXABAY 


The scope of operation of this company shows that the company has expanded to a global level so skillfully that it makes travel feel local to the public. It is capable of serving the needs of people who belong to different backgrounds. The values of the company have taken them to the next level. 




So far, the company has released different missions, visions, and values to the public. The objectives of the company expanded over time and have successfully overtaken the world with familiarity and popularity. The company’s operations are no longer limited to a specific region or country, and it has expanded the operations to a global scale. 


A company needs a mission statement to run better, and Uber abides by its mission statement and is, as a result, thriving. The company takes pride in itself for providing quality services to people at cost-effective rates. 


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