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Twitter Mission Statement 2021: A Full Analysis Of Its Mission

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Are you looking for Twitter Mission Statement Analysis? Check out our detailed analysis of the topic!

Twitter is a free microblogging, social networking service that allows all registered users to broadcast shorter posts on the platform, known as tweets. The users can follow the tweets and profiles of other users to stay updated with what they are posting and the recent news updates. It has a mobile app, and the platform can be accessed from desktops as well. The platform has over 300 million monthly active users, who send out more than 500 million tweets in 33 different languages every day. 


Twitter’s mission statement is:

“Our mission is to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly without barriers.”


The platform works differently as compared to Facebook and Linkedin. One of the significant advantages of Twitter is the ability to connect and share with other users of the same network. Businesses and individuals can create their profiles on the platform and share any content they wish, such as photos, links, videos, etc. Twitter is a treasure trove of information, and people of higher authority and profiles are using the platform. 


Twitter Mission Statement


  • Twitter is a social networking platform, and hence, the mission statement of this company is different from that of others. The company’s corporate mission statement is “to give everyone the power to create and share information and ideas instantly without facing any barriers.’
  •  The business and revenue will always follow the mission statement in several ways so that the company enhances. 

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The mission statement of Twitter consists of several components that include giving everyone ideas and information the power to share and create without barriers and instantly. All the elements combine to help the company achieve success. It is because of the powerful mission statement that the company is thriving in a competitive world. Also, it is very popular in the industry in which Twitter operates. 


Why Does Twitter Have Such A Mission Statement? 


The mission statement of Twitter is a concise explanation of why the company exists, or to be more precise, the reason behind the company’s existence. It explains the overall purpose and the intention of Twitter. That said, the mission statement of Twitter depicts that the company wants to make information and ideas accessible to all. It strives to make the information posted by a user reach the masses. Hence, the platform is public, and anyone can see any user’s profile and what tweets they have posted. 

Twitter on phone



The company serves public conversation, and so the company has such a mission statement. Twitter makes it a point to follow the elements of its mission statement to make sure that it achieves expected results. It offers people a free and safe space to share their ideas and talk with others. Hence, it also keeps working towards enhancing the processes, rules, tools, and technology. 


Why Is Twitter Mission Statement Impactful?


Twitter is a very popular social networking platform started by a group of programmers who collectively worked at a podcasting company based in San Francisco named Odeo. The company defines itself as a platform that keeps people updated with what’s happening in the world and what people are talking about. The platform offers much more than what people think. It offers its users news related to entertainment, the latest updates, politics, sports, and interests of all kinds. Users can also watch live streaming events on the platform. 

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The mission statement of this company helps offer exceptional services and satisfy the craving of people to stay updated with information across the globe. It also enables people to speak their minds, which is why people love using this platform more. Also, it is because of the company’s mission statement that it can compete with other similar companies that hold critical positions in several particular companies. 


Get Inspired Through Twitter Mission Statement


The platform is free for users, and people can register on the platform for free. That said, it doesn’t charge a single penny from people on the platform to access information on a global level. The company makes money through advertising. Several different ads are offered for the users, and when they sponsor posts or publish ads, they must pay a certain amount of money to the platform to reach the masses. 

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The business model of Twitter is about selling promoted products that include trends, accounts, and tweets. Customers can run ads of shorter videos. The platform has also developed a technology that dynamically enables ads within relevant videos, which is how the ads are delivered to the target users. The mission statement enables the company to do all these because Twitter doesn’t want payments to act as barriers for people. 


Other Core Twitter Mission Strategies


The core values of Twitter include several elements that enable the company to drive forward toward success. The platform fosters individual education about online safety and healthy digital citizenship. The company has initiatives that respect and defend all voices. Another major value of Twitter is equality and universal acceptance of all. The company believes that talent is found everywhere, but it is difficult for them to find opportunities. 

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The company also works with NGOs located worldwide to raise awareness and encourage actions among individuals to protect the environment and foster sustainability and conversation. The company is also offering programs and tools to enable people to communicate and get a humanitarian response at times of natural disasters and emergencies.  




Twitter is an open service platform that is accessible for all for free. The platform is home to a diversity of perspectives, people, ideas, and information. Twitter is also considered an ocean of human beings. People working in different fields and at different levels are all found on the platform. 


The company is not perfect, and that is why it listens to its users. It is one of the major reasons the company prefers working in an environment that is transparent to the extent possible. It operates on certain principles and makes sure to follow them to ensure that the objectives are achieved. 


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