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Costco Mission Statement 2021: A Full Analysis Of Its Mission

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Costco Wholesale Company

Are you looking for Costco Mission Statement Analysis? Check out our detailed analysis of the topic!

Costco or the Costco Wholesale Corporation is an American company operator of discount stores. The company has a vast spectrum of merchandise, and it operates as a warehouse club offered only based on membership. The company has its retail outlets across the globe. James Sinegal, along with Jeffery Brotman, founded Costco in 1983 in Seattle. The company has its headquarters based in Issaquah, Washington, from where all the chief operations of the business are managed. 


Costco’s mission statement is:

“Our mission is to continually provide our members with quality goods and services at the lowest possible prices.” 


The company is operating wholesale membership warehouses in multiple countries. The company sells all types of automotive supplies, food products, sporting goods, toys, hardware, electronics, jewelry, health, apparel, and several other goods. Costco aims to provide better quality good at lower prices to its consumers by virtually eliminating all costs and frills associated with the traditional wholesalers. 


Let us know more about how the company operates and what its mission statement is.


Costco Mission Statement


  • Costco provides an exceptional wholesale experience to its customers. They can all sense it as something different about its culture, making the company stand out. 
  • The mission statement of Costco helps the company maintain its image to a great extent. The mission statement of this company is “to continually provide our members with good quality goods and services at the lowest possible prices.” 


Costco Logo



The company emphasizes the actual benefits that its customers would obtain and ensures that they enjoy the shopping experiences offered by Costco. The primary focus of the company is to offer exceptional quality goods at the best possible rates. The company has established itself as one of the considerable players in the industry with the help of its mission and vision statements. 


Why Does Costco Have Such A Mission/Mission Statement? 


Costco wholesale is already the second-largest retailer in the world. Because of its mission and vision statements, the company can serve its consumers with products of excellent quality. The mission statement of Costco is designed in this way so that it can outline the strategies and tactics required to achieve the vision statement. The mission statement depicts that the business employs quality as its primary selling point. 


Costco Store


They satisfy their consumers by offering them quality products. This particular factor is critical because several other firms compete with Costco and offer low-priced products to their consumers. The mission statement also states that the company strives to offer products at the lowest possible prices. The company has such a mission statement so that it outbids its competitors and excels. 


Why Is Costco Mission Statement Impactful?


The company is proud of its focus on customer satisfaction and the excellent culture that the organization has. The brand has established a strong reputation as a great employer and an ethical business operating in the wholesale industry. As discussed, the mission statement comprises three significant elements: quality goods, members, lowest prices, and services. Apart from focusing only on the business model, the mission statement of this company also highlights its focus on the consumers. 


Costco Cart

Source: PIXABAY 

The company has an extensive focus on the shopping experience of its consumers and also on customer service. It brings a vast assortment of quality goods and services to its customers. The primary focus of Costco is to offer high-quality products at cost-effective rates and, as a result, achieve bulk sales. 


Get Inspired Through Costco Mission Statement


The company’s growth indicates that it has adhered to what is enshrined in its corporate mission and vision statement. The corporate mission statement of this company highlights the tactics that were developed by the organization’s management to take the company forward and set a bright future for the company. The mission statement works in collaboration with the vision statement, and it defines the path that the management wants the company to follow. 


Costco Store



The mission statement emphasizes the technicalities of providing its customers with worthwhile shopping experiences. It does so with the help of value-based products and services. Costco incorporates all elements of its mission and vision statement in its operations to ensure that the company stays on board to propel Costco towards a future that it desires. 


Other Core Costco Mission Strategies


The core values of Costco include “obey the law, take care of our members, take care of our employees, and respect the vendors.” Costco has a strong track record of running its business, so that it appears to be a role model for its competitors and other players in the market. The company declares that such values are critical for the company, and the operations indicate that they are crucial for the business’s overall success. 


Costco Store



The company respects all the other entities that form the foundation of Costco. The entities include every member, employee, and vendor as well. Costco doesn’t wish to make significant profits by selling its products. Instead, it aims to make profits by selling memberships and makes very little money through its products. This business model helps Costco ensure customer loyalty and satisfy their needs adequately.




A great corporate mission statement applies to every aspect of the company. The same is the case with Costco. Its mission statement serves as the guiding principle that defines who they are, what they do, and how they do it. The mission statement helps the company manifest itself, both in the big picture and the little details. Costco has understood the power of a mission statement, and so it has such an impactful mission statement that helps the company drive towards success. 


Costco stores are enormous, basically barren warehouses that stacks goods in their massive towers. However, the company still inspires devotion like the few other retailers. This company’s mission and vision statement help people cite it as one of the world’s most ethical companies.


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