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Nestle Vision Statement 2021: A Full Analysis Of Its Vision

by Bob
Nestle Kitkat Chocolate

Nestle is one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies and was founded in the year 1956. It is one of the significant players of the FMCG and operates in several industries that include beverages, milk and nutrition, chocolate, cooking aids, prepared dishes and confectionery segments. It depicts that the company is entirely into the food business. 


Nestle’s vision statement is:


Our vision is to be a leading, competitive, Nutrition, Health, and Wellness Company delivering improved shareholder value by being a preferred corporate citizen, preferred employer, preferred supplier selling preferred products.”


Nestle India operates in India and manufactures products under the name of Maggi, Nescafe, Kit Kat, Bar One, Nestea and Milkmaid. The company has also started producing products for daily consumption that include milk, Raita, etc. The company is a multinational manufacturer of food products. It is also into producing pharmaceuticals. 


Nestle Vision Statement


  • The mission statement of Nestle is to be “The world’s leading nutrition, wellness and health company”. They have their motto along with their brand name that goes like, “Good Food, Good Life”. They aim to provide their consumers with the most nutritious choices, and the best tasting food items. They have a vast range of food and beverages that fall under different categories and eating occasions. 
  • People can enjoy their products right from morning till night. The vision statement of Nestle clearly states that the company prioritizes the experience of their consumers. 


 Black and White Nestle Logo

Source: Strategic Management Insight


The vision statement of Nestle is, “to be a leading, competitive, nutrition, health and wellness company delivering improved shareholder value by being a preferred supplier selling preferred products.” 


Based on its vision statement, the company is good at steering others in the right direction and setting pace. Being incepted for several years now, it has learned the art of leadership. Nestle company vision and mission statements is one of its kind. It is one of the world-famous mission statement examples.


Why Does Nestle Have Such A Vision Statement? 


We already saw what vision statement Nestle has. The meaning of their vision entails that good quality food products helps provide people with the best taste in their food products and with a fit and healthy life. Their vision implies that the company aspires to produce food items that have high nutritious values and also have good properties that make the taste better and happier. It is quite similar to Costco mission statement.


The reason behind having such a vision statement is that it enables the company to provide its consumers with nutritious food. It also strives to fulfil the needs of people during every eating occasion, may it be day or night. 


Nestle Logo

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The vision statement of Nestle allows the company to focus on all aspects of their products and also ensure that they not only have high nutritious content, but the buyers are also satisfied after purchasing them. The reason behind having such a vision statement is that it wants to deliver high-quality products to people across the globe in the aspects of health, nutrition and wellness. With a lot of hardwork and by trying their best, they have reached this level of being the world’s largest food company in the world. 


Why Is Nestle’s Vision Statement Impactful?


Nestle is a vibrant company and it provides people with the products that are accepted globally and high in integrity. The company is also committed to shareholder satisfaction, and its long-term sustainable growth. The major focus of the company is on honesty, fairness and integrity in all major factors of their business. It expects the same to integrate in their relationships. Their mission statement is quite similar to starbucks mission statement.


The operations and quality of food products has enabled the company to earn respect and trust of every strata of the society. The company also has the respect of every company it deals with or has dealt with. The vision statement of Nestle has helped it achieve great heights, and it currently has over 2000 brands that range from the local favorites to global icons. It is quite similar to Jollibee mission statement.


Nestle Original Logo

Source: Bohatala 


Their vision statement is very impactful as businesses can take inspiration from them and strive towards attaining a healthier future. Not only through food products, in whatever industry they operate in, businesses can think of enhancing the quality of life and contributing towards a better future. They can also inspire more and more people to live healthier lives. 


Get Inspired Through Nestle Vision Statement


We already know the vision statement of Nestle, and the company has a very interesting vision statement for two reasons. The first one being that the vision of the company is committed to its shareholders or the investors also, besides being faithful to its consumers. The second reason is that it is a preferred company. In several ways, the first part and the second part of the vision statement go hand in hand. 


Nestle Products

Source: Nestle


The vision statement of the company will help it become a preferred supplier and employer as well. Companies can take inspiration from this brand, if they look forward to becoming a preferred employer as well. They operate as a market leader as well and hence, they make sure that the shareholders make money.  Their mission statement is much like coca cola mission statement.


We can see that the core vision of this company is to be a profitable player in the market, both in terms of the employer and seller as well. 


Other Core Nestle Vision Strategies


The core values of Nestle are directed towards making the company a credible player in the market. Certain values like respect, integrity, honesty, fair dealings, and compliance are the different attributes of a trustworthy company. 


  • It operates as one of the most popular wholesome lifestyle brands. 
  • It houses numerous products. 
  • It aspires to do fair dealings throughout its consumer base. 
  • Integrity and respect are the two main components that Nestle cannot compromise on. 


Nestle Company

Source: India Today


It is no surprise that Nestle has been a huge success and the company has also managed to cultivate all positive practices among its staff present across the globe. The guiding principles of the company encourages people to do the things right and also adhere to all approved procedures. The values of the company are clearly reflected in their way of doing business. 




Initially, Nestle was the product of a merger company, named as Anglo-Swiss Milk Company back in 1905. Ever since its inception, the company has made huge success and has expanded its products base beyond milk products. It now includes coffee, bottled water, cereal, baby food, and much more. 


The huge success of this company that is being acquired over the last few years can be attributed to the robust vision statement. It also has strong core values, and all of these were worth examining. 


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