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Netflix mission Statement 2021: A Full Analysis Of Its mission

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Are you looking for Netflix Mission Statement Analysis? Check out our detailed analysis of the topic!


Netflix is an American corporation and an over-the-top content platform and production company that has its headquarters based in Los Gatos, California. The platform is responsible for popularising TV streaming services and it offers an impressive library containing exciting content for the viewers to watch. The platform encompasses a collection of series and programmes. 


Netflix’s mission statement is:

“We promise our customers stellar service, our suppliers a valuable partner, our investors the prospects of sustained profitable growth, and our employees the allure of huge impact.


Whenever you think of TV streaming services, Netflix is most likely to be the first name that comes to your mind. The company has been operating in the UK since 2012, and currently, it has double the number of subscribers that Amazon Prime Video has. The premise with Netflix is straightforward. Users are required to pay a monthly subscription, and they get access to the unlimited amount of content available on this platform. 


The subscription of this platform is available on a rolling basis, which means you pay every month to get access to the content available, and you can also cancel at any point in time. Let us know more about the mission statement of Netflix that acts as a catalyser when it comes to the company’s success. 


Netflix Mission Statement


  • The company is determined to make success, and this corporation’s mission statement plays a significant role in driving it towards success.
  •  Its corporate mission statement is “We promise our customers stellar service, our suppliers a valuable partner, our investors the prospects of sustained profitable growth, and our employees the allure of huge impact”.
  •  This statement clearly states what the company is popular for among the masses. It is famous for providing unparalleled and outstanding video entertainment services. 


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The mission statement also shows how the company strikes a perfect balance between customer satisfaction and the financial needs of its stakeholders. 


In other words, the company aims to entertain the world. Its objectives are based on the nature of services provided which is an on-demand movie streaming service. Just like the vision statement, the mission statement emphasizes its goals in the entertainment industry. The business is thriving by addressing the expectations of its consumers and also the media that they access. The mission statement of Netflix contains two significant elements that include global dominance and best-in-class entertainment services. 


Why Does Netflix Have Such A Mission Statement? 


The mission and vision statement of any company are its touchpoint. The mission statement helps an organisation determine what it wants to do, how it does it, where they want to see their company in the future, etc. The mission statement of this company is concise, but it showcases a wide view of the target audience. Just like the mission statement of any other company, its mission statement doesn’t portray the core elements explicitly. However, still, it is complete enough to define the target market and its purpose. 


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The mission statement of Netflix shows the desire of the company to become a worldwide provider of entertainment services. Also, Netflix has such a mission statement to provide its users seamless viewing experience. The video quality of this platform is industry-leading. The platform desired to take entertainment to the next level, and it successfully did so with the help of its mission statement. 


Why Is Netflix’s Mission Statement Impactful?


The mission statement of Netflix Inc. targets the entertainment market to a great extent. The online strategy management team of the company employs the mission and vision statement to inform the organization’s stakeholders about its development direction. The corporate mission statement of Netflix also guides the company towards higher performance achievement. Also, its corporate mission statement keeps the company open to diversification into several other markets that are not limited to online media. 


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The mission statement of Netflix also pushes the firm to more incredible business performance in the global entertainment market. The mission statement of Netflix implies future diversification and flexibility. The statement helps the organization stay open to new products and services.


Get Inspired Through Netflix Mission Statement


The mission statement of Netflix states that the company is after providing stellar services to its customers. It considers its suppliers’ valuable partners that enable sustainable growth, and the employees allure tremendous impact. The company’s primary focus is to provide the ultimate level of entertainment by providing outstanding services and high-quality video. It also enables the creation of a balance between the satisfaction of customers and the financial needs of the stakeholders—the commitment that Netflix has towards the economies, people and social responsibility. 

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At the same time, the company ensures that they are enhancing the contributions made towards society and satisfy their customers’ expectations. Netflix has several different entertainment options that include applications for online systems and internet entertainment. The mission statement of Netflix helps the company to achieve its goals and, at the same time, drive it seamlessly towards success. 


Other Core Netflix mission Strategies


The core values of Netflix comprises “judgement, communication, curiosity, courage, passion, selflessness, innovation, inclusion, integrity and impact”. Such values are crucial for the company and integral for the smooth running of Netflix’s operations. The company’s core values make sure that all players remain focused on some of the company’s primary goals. 


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Netflix also strives to create a working environment that not only leads to producing the most sought-after content but has attractive returns as well. 




Netflix has grown tremendously over the years, and its growth is attributed to the diversity in original content available on offer and how the business operates. The platform offers documentaries, original series, movies and features films in various languages and genres. Netflix is the perfect example of how quality drives success. 


The primary focus of this organization is to provide a high-quality experience, which is why the platform has developed a vast and loyal fanbase. It is critical to understand that the more the quality of the offerings is upgraded, the higher the cost will be for the users. 


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