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Disney mission Statement 2021: A Full Analysis Of Its mission

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Are you looking for Disney Mission Statement Analysis? Check out our detailed analysis of the topic!

Walt Disney is a popular and successful company that operates in one of the most powerful sectors of the economy, which is entertainment. Before the company scaled so much and reached a market cap of about $239 billion, the company was associated more closely with the vision of a man after whom the company is named. The interest of the company soon extended to interests from all over the world.


Disney’s mission statement is:

“Our mission is to entertain, inform and inspire people around the globe through the power of unparalleled storytelling, reflecting the iconic brands, creative minds and innovative technologies that make ours the world’s premier entertainment company.


The company has humble beginnings, and it was entirely led by a man who had bigger dreams. The company, today, is known for the films produced and for the facilities and leisure resorts located across the globe. The resorts are among the popular destinations and attractions present across the world. 


You will hardly find any person, regardless of their age, that has not seen a single cartoon, movie, or television show of Disney to date. Alice’s Wonderland was its first film, and after that, the company has attained great success. 


Let us know more about the company’s mission statement and what drives the company forward towards achieving great success. 


Disney Mission Statement


  • The corporate mission statement of Disney is, “Using our portfolio of brands to differentiate our content, services, and consumer products, we seek to develop the most creative, innovative and profitable entertainment experiences and related products in the world. 
  • Disney’s mission statement has a few factors to drive the company forward towards success. 

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The mission statement of the company states about entertainment and the impact it gives to its consumers. The company’s primary focus is to develop the whole industry into one of the progressive and dynamic ones. That said, the company is all about facilitating positive changes. Even while the company advances its goals, the company never abandons the industry’s primary purpose in which it operates. 


The customers of Disney reality have so much to enjoy.


Why Does Disney Have Such A Mission Statement? 


Disney’s mission statement is one of the reasons why the company has a reputation for delivering seamless magical experiences to all the guests in its operations. A mission statement acts as a driving force for every brand and gets imprinted in everyone’s heart who is working within the company’s sphere. 


Furthermore, the mission statement is also the reason for a company to move forward. The reason behind Disney having such a mission statement is that it enables the company to move forward and attain success. 

DisneyLand Ferris Wheel


The mission statement of this company tells its audience about the services of the company. The services of the company are entertaining, informing, and informative. The objectives of the mission statement are achieved by storytelling. Disney has a clear mission statement that enables the company to drive forward towards success. 


Why Is Disney’s Mission Statement Impactful?

The company’s mission statement is very impactful in the sense that it provides content that has a positive impact on the world. The company’s brand value, innovation, and creativity are combined and enable the company to reach the top. The company operates in the Entertainment industry and strives to reach the top of its business pyramid. 

Walt Disney And Mouse Statue



Its mission statement incorporates people worldwide. Disney assures that the top priority of the company is its consumers. Its customer base is present worldwide, and the span is expanding with each passing day. The company is always after providing its customers something that they would cherish. The consumers and the values of the company ensure that its employees have an inspiring and pleasant work environment. 


The way it focuses on the consumers and its employees is very inspiring. Hence, the mission statement is impactful, and other businesses can take inspiration to drive forward towards success.


Get Inspired Through Disney Mission Statement


Walt Disney and its subsidiary companies have a great impression on the minds of its consumers. As a brand, the company is well-known and admired. It successfully creates a bridge between the latest, enhanced technologies and a group of creative minds. It strives to bring out the maximum productivity from its employees. The company has effectively adapted to the changes brought forward by the revolution of the industry.

Walt Disney Logo

Source: LogoMyWay


Like any other company, Disney aims to be one of the premium companies that provide entertainment to the masses. Customers are its center of attention, and it does everything to keep them happy and satisfied. 


Other Core Disney Mission Strategies


The core value of Disney is to “make an everyone’s dream come true, you better believe it, never a customer, always a guest, all for one and one for all, share the spotlight, dare to dare, practice, practice, practice, make your elephant fly and capture the magic with storyboards.” 



The company believes in establishing a work environment for its employees where they feel wanted, feel that they are being heard, are secure, and feel motivated to give all they have in return. The company achieves this by taking bolder steps and moving forward into the future by embracing new technologies, taking calculated risks, etc. It always supports its experts, even if they fail. 




The mission and vision statement are famous in companies and organizations alike since it sharpens and at the same time gives purpose to their operations. This gives the company a reason to do things that it does. It is not different for organizations, whether big or small. The Walt Disney company understands the fact, and hence, it ensures that the mission, vision statement, and core values give you an idea of what they are and what they aspire to become.  


The mission statement of a company should be like this only, clear, encompassing, and precise. The mission statement speaks to its consumers, and the vision speaks to the company itself. Hence, it focuses on its employees and consumers to ensure that they stay happy. 


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