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Nike Vision Statement 2021: A Full Analysis Of Its Vision

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Are you looking for Nike Vision Statement Analysis? Check out our detailed analysis of the topic!

Nike, Inc., popularly known as Nike, is an American international association involved in the development, design, manufacturing and marketing worldwide. The company is also into the sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and more. Its world headquarters are located near Beaverton, Oregon, in the metropolitan areas of Portland. 


Nike’s vision statement is:


Our vision is To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.”


The company is a significant producer of sports equipment and one of the largest suppliers of athlete apparel and shoes. Shoes that can be electronically paired with a smartphone are the most recent innovations of the company. 


Let us dive deep into what drives the business forward and also what is its vision statement.


Nike Vision Statement


  • The corporate vision statement of Nike is to “remain the most authentic, connected and distinctive brand”. The brand has applied its vision statement to its operations and continues to do so. It was emphasized on the goals of the growth strategy of this corporation for the year 2015. Nike has been focussing on developing its brand further as well. 
  • The complete brand image of Nike has been designed around fitness, sports activities, motivation and workouts. This approach is also reflected in its vision statement. It aims to empower and motivate every athlete to perform better and give their best. However, there is a line in the vision statement of this brand where it takes a dramatic turn.
  •  The company says, “If you have a body then consider yourself an athlete”. It means that each of us is an athlete in our way, and Nike inspires and motivates us all to become a better version of ourselves.


 Nike Shoes Led Light



Why Does Nike Have Such A Vision Statement? 


The primary reason behind Nike having such a vision statement is that it wants to motivate everyone to stay fit. It seeks to increase fitness awareness among individuals, irrespective of who and what they are. The vision of this company is to inspire people to become more fit and healthy. They can incorporate workouts and other necessary activities in their daily routine to make the most of it. 


Nike Red Shoes



The vision statement of Nike or any other company usually includes a broader goal that extends beyond the general objectives of any business. The statement focuses on the scope of influence and the extent this company wants to have in its industry. It serves as the guiding element of the company that assists in streamlining the operations of the company. 


Why Is Nike Vision Statement Impactful?


The company interacts seamlessly with its vision statement, and it serves as one of the key ingredients that enable its growth in the industry. It also helps Nike prosper. It has been enjoying its prosperity for several years now. Its vision statement depicts that the company is not ready to settle for anything normal. Rather it looks forward to curating more dynamic, elegant, yet super-efficient designs that have a worthwhile impact on your consumers. 


The vision statement of Nike takes into account the people of the community or society in which the company is operating. As far as the company’s vision statement is concerned, the company aims to bring fitness and health to people across the world. It inspires and motivates people to get engaged more in workouts and other sports activities. 


 Nike White Footwear

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The vision statement impacts not only one but three different elements. The first one is enhancing the lives of its consumers, exceeding their expectations, and expanding the potential of humans. The Google Vision Statement focuses on similar attributes. With the help of its vision statement, the athletic apparel and footwear company has steadily built its brand as one of the most reliable manufacturers. They are into producing quality products and are hence known as premium manufacturers. 


It is crucial to note that even though the company’s products cater to a particular group of people, the young generation encourages them to live an active lifestyle. The company’s main objective is to bring fitness to the everyday life of people.


Get Inspired Through Nike Vision Statement


The unique statement of the company has enabled itself to establish its superior brand image in the market. The sportswear market is very competitive nowadays, and its vision is driving the company to strive and stand out among the crowd. The company was also successful in establishing itself as a distinctive and authentic company. It is achieving its objectives with the help of customer engagement, innovation, endorsements from influential celebrities, successful marketing campaigns, etc. 


The company has made significant investments to build its brand image, and such investments have helped the company to build a higher brand value among its counterparts. 


Nike Sportswear

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The company is distinctive among others by nurturing connections with its customer base. A mixture of the major elements in its vision statement is helping the company succeed. The company was also successful in aligning itself with the success factors of its industry, and the vision statement has only helped it reach new heights in the industry in which it operates.  


Other Core Nike Vision Strategies


The generic strategy of Nike offers a competitive advantage to the company, and it emphasizes more on product mix diversity. To maintain the competitive advantage and its position in the industry, Nike makes sure that its company’s general strategy and intense growth strategy always suit its current business needs. 

Nike Fashionable Footwear

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The company employs a combination of strategies to obtain a competitive advantage. Some of Nike’s core strategies in its business models include market penetration, product development, diversification, and the development of its market. It also designs its products so that it is perceived as superior in front of others. 




To fulfil the mission and vision statement, the company has always stood forward and was always at the forefront. The company came up with innovations, new technologies, and unique ideas to motivate people by offering them comfortable gear and apparel. Nike also understands the importance and has the desire to excel in every field.


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