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Adidas Mission Statement 2021: A Full Analysis Of Its Mission

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Are you looking for Adidas Mission Statement Analysis? Check out our detailed analysis of the topic!

Adidas is a German company that was established in 1924. Two siblings founded it, and one of them, in the later years, split from the company and founded his own apparel company called Puma. 

The main idea behind setting up this company was to create a new line of innovative sportswear, accessories, and apparel that met the necessities of the athletes and enhanced their performances. 


Adidas’s mission statement is:

“The Adidas Group strives to be the global leader in the sporting goods industry with brands built on a passion for sports and a sporting lifestyle. We are committed to continuously strengthening our brands and products to improve our competitive position.


Upon analyzing the mission statement of Adidas, it can be concluded that its mission statement reflects the efforts put in by the company to climb to the top and maintain its position in the industry. Essentially, the company strives to provide unique products that are customized as per the needs of their customers. 



Adidas Mission Statement


  • In its mission statement, Adidas states its role to offer the best products to its customers. Adidas has adopted a sports-specific culture with a view to express its love for sports. As a result, the company showcases sportswear for both men and women regardless of the type of sport. To boost young and creative talents, Adidas provides financial assistance through sponsorship programs and campaigns. 
  • The primary reason behind why Adidas has such a huge brand value and reputation is its uncompromising approach to quality. Adidas requires little marketing effort in comparison to the customer satisfaction it provides. Additionally, the organization stays loyal to its road map that assimilates its workers and environment. To sum up, Adidas contributes to lives beyond the sports realm that makes it the most responsible and intelligent business of all time. 
  • Adidas has time and again emphasized the fact that its creativity is the heart of each of its operations. The designs implemented in its products are precise and ideally tailored to meet the specific requirements of athletes, thereby showing why the organization is the king in the sports sector. 


Adidas Apparel


As per the mission statement of Adidas, its emphasis is on attaining the leadership position by dominating the industry as the most popular and reliable company in the sports sector. The management team has also incorporated core values to ensure that the employees work in an atmosphere that helps them achieve their goals in line with the company’s mission statement.


Why Does Adidas Have Such A Mission Statement? 


The primary reason behind such a mission statement is to define the objectives of the organization. The mission statement of Adidas describes the unrestricted capacity of the organization to offer exceptional products for athletes to enhance their performance. Also, the company has implemented the fundamental objectives of its mission statement in its work processes to expand its growth. 


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The mission statement highlights the efforts of the organization to develop products that stand second to none in the market. Also, the efforts put in to make its products unique and customized has paid off over the years in terms of money and fame. Adidas’s products are aimed at elevating fitness awareness among individuals, and helping them stay fit.


Why Is Adidas Mission Statement Impactful?


The mission statement of Adidas has evolved over the years with the gradual change in the sports industry. This change has been instrumental in helping the company secure a leadership position in the world of sports shoes, apparel, and accessories. 


Adidas Shoes

Source: PIXABAY 


Also, the managerial approach of the company is highly valued for its ability to keep the company in its best condition at all times, irrespective of the changes going on in the market. In general, its mission statement shows the primary objectives that the company implements to spur its growth in its desired industry



Get Inspired Through Adidas Mission Statement


Adidas is one such company that has managed to show its strength and power for years now. The company has an inspiring mission statement that is entirely focused on its core values and unique manner of catering to the customers’ needs. Its mission is to provide the highest quality value to its customers.


Adidas Sneakers


Adidas is an incredibly innovative company that strives continuously to push its boundaries. Their main aim is to provide their customers with the best quality products by understanding their needs and requirements.


Other Core Adidas Mission Strategies


Adidas’s Core strategies include “integrity, performance, passion, and diversity.” These are the chief principles that have helped Adidas stay ahead of its competitors for decades. The company focuses mainly on innovation. Hence, it develops the best in class accessories, boots, and sportswear. The organization also makes sure to hire only those people who are highly passionate about sports.


Adidas Apparel

Source: PIXABAY 


Adidas aims to produce products that are highly innovative and reliable. They believe that everyone has the right to wear stunning yet comfortable clothes. All in all, the primary objectives of the mission statement of the company is responsible behind its growth in the sports industry. It has further helped the company in getting global recognition. 



Adidas is one such organization that embeds its core values and mission statement in its end products. Adidas’s strive for commitment, innovation, and hard work has helped it reach the top and maintain its position for years. Founded out of a passion for sportswear, Adidas has evolved into a giant in the sports industry. The ideas, values, mission, and vision statement of Adidas has helped it create new products that appeal to the customer’s eyes and compel them to buy their products. 


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